HIPPA Laws Be Damned

There’s a new hospital opening in town, and this weekend they are showing it off to the public with a big open house. So many RNs running around the place, I was wondering who’s taking care of the patients at the old place, which hasn’t closed yet.

In the fancy, shmansy emergency room area, there’s a big screen on the wall — across from the nurse’s station — listing each emergency room number, patient’s initials, patient’s age, medical reason the patient is visiting today. Why don’t they just put the person’s weight up there too?

And let’s get an audio version too…let’s not overlooked the rights of the hearing impaired to snoop around while hanging out in the emergency room.

Geeezzzz…who thought of this? Have they ever heard of HIPPA laws?

Just about every time someone from our family has been in this hospital’s emergency room, we’ve run into someone else we knew. Now we can just walk down the hall and check out the person’s age and condition. How convenient!

If someone looks vaguely familiar, the age and initials may be just  the information needed to jog your memory.

Heck why don’t they just put a big lighted billboard out front — like the casinos have — and announce the surgeries being performed today, arrival of new babies, shooting victim’s names, etc. Post the newborns’ photos! Dr. Jones – now appearing in the operating room!

Ok, so there’s a private outtake (or whatever they call it) room. That’s nice. But this big screen on the wall is taking technology a bit too far. I would think a small screen behind the nurse’s station would make more sense. BTW..what about those nurses over 50…they probably won’t be able to see the screen from across the room anyway.

The scary thing is…the RN on the tour didn’t think there was anything wrong with having a big screen listing patient’s info.

Have you every been to a bar or restaurant and stared across the room at a TV screen –even though you couldn’t hear the show? Our eyes have been conditioned to look at TV screens — that’s why my dentist was playing some fake talk show TV in his waiting room the other day with an interview promoting teeth whitening or something. Cha ching! Cha ching!

In case you are wondering, this is the new St. Clare Hospital in Fenton, Mo. Maybe some of their officials will visit my blog. I can always use new readers.


Does Sarah Forward E-mail?

If you can tell a lot about a person by the company they keep, I think you can tell a lot more about a person by the by the e-mails they forward.

Since someone has hacked into Sarah Palin’s e-mail yahoo account, I would like to know what type of e-mails she forwards. You know those e-mails with urban myths, advice to keep you safe in the world, stories of hope, inspirational prayers and friendship poems, all that type of stuff that circles the globe.

I want to know who forwards things to her and what are the topics. Does she send back those friendship boomerangs? “I hope I get this back so I know I have a friend.”

Would she be embarrassed if we knew how much time she spent on forwarded e-mail?
If you’ve ever received a forward from Sarah, what was it about?

What They Are Googling Now

I mentioned in a previous post that it’s interesting to see how people find my blog.

Today I see someone googled “black boobs vs. white boobs.”  I wonder what they wanted to know? Is there a difference betweent the two that I am unaware of? I wonder if they learned anything.

Some Of My Readers Might Be A Little Strange

If you go into the backroom of the WordPress software, you can find out how people came across your blog in the past day or so.

I like to see what Google search terms brought people to my digital front door.

Here’s what I saw today:

“how to peep on boobs”  — Do you think this was a 7 year old boy?

“grey hair boobs” – no comment

“old office boobs” – Someone with an elderly fetish maybe.

At least the voyeurs wanted to see I had to say!

Here’s the entry that brought them here:


12 Hours & Same Email Keeps Rolling In

Meetup.com has been sending the same email to me every minute for 12 hours now. No one on their support board seems to see our SOS.

I can’t delete them fast enough!

Meetup.com Software Gone Wild

Do you belong to Meetup.com?

Are you receiving the same email message over and over? The same message has been sent every minute for 4 hours. I can’t delete them fast enough. Other members are experiencing the same thing. By morning, I’m sure some of them…or all of us…will have our email accounts shut down. HELP!

Is there a way to contact them NOW to get it fixed or shut down their site. It’s happened in other cities…I don’t know if they are getting 4 hours worth, but 30 or 40 of the same message.

Is there some law that states that they should have some type of emergency procedure? There should be.

If you know someone who works there… CALL THEM NOW, please! Tell them to check THEIR email and organizer boards for details.

Is The Monster Dead?

I used to love the job hunting website monster.com. Not anymore.

The site is always slow and I don’t get all of the job alerts I signed up for. I’ve checked my settings a couple of times, but nothing has improved. I’ve later stumbled across jobs that should have been sent to me in my daily alert.

It seem like the more job hunting websites there are, the worse they all function. And lots of them seem to be siblings of other sites. The name is changed, but the information/listings appear to be the same.

Searching for specific types of jobs can be a painful lesson in patience on many of these sites.

Technology is great when it works….frustrating when it stumbles.

Did You Turn Your Lights Out Saturday Night?

I didn’t think so.

Saturday night the whole world was supposed to dim their lights at 8 pm (their time) for an hour. Do you know how dangerous that could be in some cities and neighborhoods?

Some organization called Earth Hour wanted us to turn off our “non-essential” lights and electronics as a global event to fight climate change. Or at least show some support.

In keeping with the spirit, Google’s page was black all day with white writing (reverse print.)

So tell me this, I didn’t check, but did Google shut down its servers Saturday night? Wouldn’t they qualify as “non-essential?” Oh, they couldn’t do that. That would cost them money. As in loss of revenue. As in bad business. As in some people might not know what was going on.

Did the Earth Hour organization turn off its website? Probably not.

Back in the real Dark Ages – before the World Wide Wide – we were taught in school there were three essential “must-haves” to survive: food, clothing and shelter. There was no mention of Google or Microsoft.

I read that cities and governments all over the world did dim their lights during the rolling 8 pm hour.

The Earth Hour is a nice idea but really, why don’t we turn off ALL of our lights at 8 am on a Monday morning. Most of us would be glad to go into work a little later. Maybe catch up on a little sleep…another essential ingredient for good health. And we could easily cope without electric lights during daylight hours. And yes, we could make this an even bigger impact if we turned everything off. Let the hospitals stay on, but everybody else could shut down.

Let’s also get out of our cars and stay put for an hour. How much oil would that save? Wouldn’t that be cool? Close Wal-Mart for an hour. Ground the jets like 9/11 so we could enjoy some additional peace and quiet. All of the world’s TV and radio stations could shut down for an hour.

Imagine the world without white noise. Even if just for an hour. During the daytime. No lawnmowers, either.

In some places this would not be a hardship. But boy us Americans would be screwed.

This would cost business way too much money. We can’t do that.

So instead, let’s just dim the lights on a Saturday night and pretend we are part of the green movement. Like Kermit the frog says, “It not easy being green.”

Online Banking Doesn’t Always Add Up

I recently wrote an online check to pay one of my mother’s bills. As you may know, sometime the bank sends a paper check if the “payee” does not accept electronic payments.

I “wrote” a check from a National City Bank account that was to be “delivered” February 5. The bank printed out a letter dated February 8, which arrived in an envelope dated February 11 by their postage meter. This letter was delivered to my house a full week later. The letter stated, “The payee returned the payment due to an invalid account number or payment address.”

Well let’s see, if the payee received the check….then the address must have been OK….so that part of your letter makes no sense. If the payee did not know the account number, just half of that sentence would be believable.

I went online, double-checked the payment information, called the payee to let them know “the check is in the mail,” and messed with the check file so it would appear “changed” and a new check would be generated. I assumed that letter had gone astray in the post office equipment and was kicked back to the bank. (I’ve seen this happen to several correctly addressed letters over the years.) Also, this payee does not have account numbers…so that half of the bank’s blanket statement doesn’t apply here either.

Guess what, the whole process repeated itself…including the postage meter date being three days later than the date on the letter. So I am calling the payee again and telling them to please call their post office and see what’s going on. And I’m getting pretty bitchy with the payee thinking it’s an issue with their post office. I’m also pissed because the first time I called the payee, the bookkeeper did not make a note that I was re-sending the check and calls the next week looking for it.

I also see both checks are still in the bank’s online system, neither one has cleared. However this time, there is no email message indicating there is trouble with the second check.

The first bank employee called doesn’t even see the check in the system. At this point, I want to know what is on the envelope. The second phone call yields an employee who has the check in hand and says it has an incomplete street address and the wrong zip code.

National City Bank…… the problem is at your end. I went back online and there is absolutely nothing wrong with that address as I typed it. It shows fine online.

Not only that…why did the second letter suddenly go to an OLD address? We had changed this address months ago, and all other bank mail has been received at the proper address…at least as far as we know…..now suddenly you are resurrecting an old address??????

This isn’t the first story I’ve heard about checks written online going haywire. Previously I assumed once I typed something for payment, a paper check spit out on a printer somewhere and was then put into an envelope by a machine or a human hand. (If the payee was not accepting electronic payments.) Evidently, a human being does something more to generate these paper checks, or some banks obviously have some bugs in their online checking software.

All I know is it adds up to a lot of frustration for this customer.

Is Your Software Haunted?

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I type things, they disappear. I make corrections, this software reverts back to the first draft.  I put in paragraph breaks…the paragraphs mate.

 Does anybody else have trouble with this software?

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