Tired of the Whiney Dad

Is anyone else tired of watching the whiney dad whose kid went to Haiti? I’m talking about  Len Gengel, father of Lynn University student Britney Gengel.

Yes, your daughter did a good thing going to Haiti to help the indigent. Yes, you really love her, are worried, etc.

But getting on national TV and pleading with President Obama to “do something ” because these are American citizens is too much. Aren’t all people created equal?  Why should your little American girl receive preferential treatment?

It’s a very tough situation down there. All of the workers are there to help ALL of the people who are trapped — not just your “American citizen” daughter.

What are you  personally doing to help? Are you sending money to the Red Cross? Are you willing to go down and volunteer to help? Or are you just crying on TV and trying to turn this into a political situation by appealing to the president to move your precious kids up to the top of the Priority Rescue List — which I don’t think there is one or needs to be.

Your daughter obviously was a caring person who wanted to help people. I wonder if she would be embarrassed to know that Daddy was on TV crying to the President as if her life was somehow so much more important than all of those other people in and near the rubble.

If you can’t do any better than this, do us a favor and stay off camera. President Obama, the Red Cross, the volunteer doctors, and the U.S. Military are working to help with this massive humanitarian effort. They are under a lot of stress and racing against the clock.

They need support. They don’t need a whiney old white guy going on TV crying that the President is not doing enough for his kid who chose to go down there and unfortunately, has been caught in one of the worst natural disasters we’ve seen.

Don’t try to turn this into a political issue with your whiney cries to Obrama.

Gengel Dad, you’re embarrassing us Americans with your self-righteousness.

Peace to all.