Where Were You When Your Mother Died?

I met your mom a few short weeks ago. She said she had just moved from a hoity-toity place that she really liked but she needed even more care.
Your mom asked me how many children I had. When I told her I was single and did not have any children, she said,”I’m sorry.” I  asked why she said that, and she replied, “Because I think you’ve missed a lot.”

I saw the photo collage on her door with your pictures and your kids’ pictures. Lots of faces on there.

Where were you when your mom was wheeled into the nursing home dining room wearing her purse  awkwardly around her neck?  (Old habits die hard.)

Where were you the last night I saw her when she cried out in pain as the nurse very gently rolled her to the dinner table? Where were you a few minutes later as she begged me to get  her a glass of water?

I  really wanted to  help her.  I could see how much pain she was in. I always said hi to her because she was one of the ladies who knew where she was and still had her mind. But I couldn’t get her  any water because  I didn’t know her medical condition.

Your mother was bleeding onto her terrycloth bib. It was so very sad to hear her helpless pleas fall on deaf ears. The  aides weres busy with other residents.  The nurse was off to another task.  I tried to get someone to respond. I think it was a weekend evening — you never know what to expect on on those shifts.

A couple of days ago I noticed your Mom’s nameplate was taken down. I checked the resident list and her name was gone. Your picture hung on the door for a few more days. I see the door is still closed today…I guess you haven’t had a chance to empty the room yet. Probably busy making  funeral plans.

Your mother must have loved you very much. I’m sure she was proud of you.  I saw your name in her obituary. Apparently she was pretty sick when you moved her there last month.

Where were you when your mother died?


Baby Daddy’s Appearance To Glorify Teen Pregnancy

They are saying on the news that the Palin baby daddy will accompany the family to the Republican convention.
To me, this is glorifying teen pregnancy. This is poor judgment in my opinion. There is no reason to pull this whole relationship into the public eye like this. Let the family work this out privately back home in Alaska.

This shows a lack of judgment on Palin’s part and places a lot of pressure and stress on two young lives.

And if she should happen to miscarry, who do you think will be blamed? The news media – not the Republicans, or Palin, or McCain.

This shows a distinct lack of family values.

Family Values Should Be About More Than Talk

If I were a single, 17 year old pregnant woman, I think I would like to have my mother’s support during what must be a stressful time for any woman. I wouldn’t want to be pregnant under the microscope of the American public in a race for the White House.

To me, there’s more to “family values” than just talking about it. Actions speak louder than words.  We here a lot about “family first,” but we don’t see much of it when it comes to politics and ambition.

Sarah Palin sounds like someone I might like to be around. But she’s not my choice as Vice President this go round. And now, I really do question her judgment.