Boobs Online…or “Sex Sells”

According to my site stats, a lot of people have visited my blog today to read about the boobs in the office.

Hope they were not disappointed because I did not provide pictures.


Boobs In The Office

I see a lot of boobs in the office. I don’t mean dumb people, I mean breasts, cleavage, tits, hooters, “the girls”…whatever¬† you want to call them. Plastic boobs the size of melons on a very small frame. You name it.

Most of the boobs are being flashed by younger women. There was a time where women had office attire and social or date attire that looked quite different from each other. But now the lines are blurred.

So here’s a question…since women dye their grey hair to look younger…should we lower our necklines in the office during a job interview so people will think we are younger too? Of course, I realize if your boobs sag too low or your skin is starting to show too many signs of age….this could be counter-productive.

Weight or breast size doesn’t seem to be a factor either. I’ve seen breasts of all sizes hanging out at water cooler. (Yes, we do have a water cooler….but I’ve actually seen more of them at the reception desk or in a cubicle.)

In the old days, there was the perceived risk of “sending the wrong message”¬† and “not being professional” if co-workers were being treated to too much of a peep show. The younger women – educated and professionally employed – don’t seem to worry about that today.

And tattoos…well that’s another story.

What do you think?