What They Are Googling Now

I mentioned in a previous post that it’s interesting to see how people find my blog.

Today I see someone googled “black boobs vs. white boobs.”  I wonder what they wanted to know? Is there a difference betweent the two that I am unaware of? I wonder if they learned anything.


Some Of My Readers Might Be A Little Strange

If you go into the backroom of the WordPress software, you can find out how people came across your blog in the past day or so.

I like to see what Google search terms brought people to my digital front door.

Here’s what I saw today:

“how to peep on boobs”  — Do you think this was a 7 year old boy?

“grey hair boobs” – no comment

“old office boobs” – Someone with an elderly fetish maybe.

At least the voyeurs wanted to see I had to say!

Here’s the entry that brought them here:


Boobs Online…or “Sex Sells”

According to my site stats, a lot of people have visited my blog today to read about the boobs in the office.

Hope they were not disappointed because I did not provide pictures.