Blogging In My Mind

Posted On January 13, 2010

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I have posted anything in awhile. I often think of topics and opinions I could post, but I haven’t.

According to the stats, people are still visiting my idle site looking for mailboxes and stumbling on the info on Aldi’s or boobs in the office.

I still have this blog, but I lost my mother.

She’s still in my thoughts….just like this blog.


And The Winner Is….

The mailbox locations post.

This is the “most visited” post on my blog for 2008.

Apparently, e-mail has not totally eliminated the need for those little blue boxes on street corners. We still have to mail some of our stuff.

And thanks to the U.S. Postal Service…I get lots of visitors trying to find a list of nearby mailboxes and their pick-up times. It would be quicker to drive across the county and hand-deliver your letter than to find the mailbox listings on the USPS dot gov site.

If you need to mail something, click on my April 8th post…..then dig into the comments section….and you will find some great links to non-governmental sites to help you in your quest for the Almighty Mailbox.

I suspect this will be a most popular post for some time to come.

Thanks to my readers for helping us all out!!!

Some Of My Readers Might Be A Little Strange

If you go into the backroom of the WordPress software, you can find out how people came across your blog in the past day or so.

I like to see what Google search terms brought people to my digital front door.

Here’s what I saw today:

“how to peep on boobs”  — Do you think this was a 7 year old boy?

“grey hair boobs” – no comment

“old office boobs” – Someone with an elderly fetish maybe.

At least the voyeurs wanted to see I had to say!

Here’s the entry that brought them here:

Blogging Break

Posted On July 4, 2008

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I didn’t realize how long it had been since I have posted. Time flies when life gets in your way of blogging. I’ll post something soon.

Blogging For Hillary

Is it time for an independent to win the Presidency? Is it time for Hillary Clinton to run as an independent?

How strong will Obama be against McCain this fall? How many people didn’t vote in the primaries but would vote for Hillary?

I’m still not ready to vote for Obama. The idea of voting for a Republican is distasteful with this horrible economy and the race to war led by Bush. How many other people feel the same way?

Hillary is not perfect. But she has more depth and experience than Obama. Obama is pure politician. Do Hillary and Obama need each other to win, or can one win on her/his own?

In the primaries, they ran against each other. In the election, the Republicans will be the competition. This is the election that will count for the next four years.

What do other bloggers think? Blog your opinion today!

I Need to Write Something

Posted On May 5, 2008

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It it’s late, and I’m tired. I’ll think of something tomorrow. Maybe American Idol will inspire me!

Blah, Blah, Blogging

Posted On May 1, 2008

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I haven’t written anything since Sunday….four days ago. Too tired to write anything after working all day. Started something two days ago, but didn’t finish it.

I’m yawning now. Gotta figure out what I’m going to eat for dinner. Stop by again.

Blogging Toms & Flashers

Are we becoming a nation of Blogging Toms and Blogging Flashers? Is this a good thing?

Many people blog about very personal issues…baring their troubles to the world. On one hand, this is a good thing…we can all learn from each other and writing can be very therapeutic for the patient.

However, I do worry about people revealing too much when they blog about very personal aspects of their lives under their real names. It’s like you’re shouting to the world. And if you’re blogging about your children’s troubles, is that fair to them? Are you too quick to pigeon hole them in the eyes of society? Are you revealing just a little too much about them…stripping them of their anonyomity before they come of age? What repercussions could lie down the road?

Most bloggers are private citizens….not celebrities. I don’t think politicians — until they have fallen — would blog their troubles in such a public manner.

I guess blogging is just an evolution from the days of Phil Donahue to Oprah, Dr. Phil and Jerry Springer, and Divorce Court. But those shows don’t always use your last name.

Once you broadcast your troubles….whether they be marital, financial, or health related… may not be able to reclaim your privacy should you later decide you want it. In a small town, do you really want to draw additional attention to yourself? Does everyone need to know all of your business? You know people love to talk.

It’s a cold, cruel world out there. It’s also the world of Google. If email never really goes away, what about blogs?

Privacy is not such an old-fashioned value that one should be too quick to discard it.

If No One Reads Your Blog, Does It Exist?

Why do we like to blog?

I think it’s two-fold. First of all, we like to talk. Secondly, we hope somebody is listening.

But like the tree that falls in a forest…if no one hears it, does it make noise? If no one reads your blog, does it exist? Does it matter? Does it matter that no one is reading it?

We live in a society where many talk, and few listen….people ignore their spouses, their kids, the kids’ teachers, their minister, The Pope, their doctor’s advice, their boss, their employees, posted speed limits. Politicians ignore their constituents.

We turn on the TV for background music and go about our business in other rooms of the house. For example, my aunt used to leave the TV on in the the living room while we ate holiday dinners in the kitchen. She would occasionally turn the volume down…but not off.

We go to HGTV’s Rate My Space, Yahoo!Answers, StartUpNation and other websites and post our answers, observations, and advice to strangers….because we know somebody will hear what we have to say.

We post comments in response to news articles , YouTube videos, or on products we have purchased and loved – or hated – giving us the power in the role of Reviewer.

And we read the comments of others.

But then we realize we don’t know who these posters are. Are we to believe the positive comments about products we are thinking of purchasing? Online often means the Wild West and no editorial oversite…no accountability.

People  love to meet, share, and squabble online.

Some people use a blog as a public diary….revealing their innermost thoughts and vulnerability. Cheaper than therapy.

Web 2.0 technoloy is all about interacting with others online….mostly virtual strangers ….double entendre intended….while our offline community ignores us…and we ignore them.

So here many of us hang out online, exercising our freedom of speech, thanks to technology.