Only The Good Die Young

One way to escape the wrinkles and frailities of old age is to die young. Then you will always be remembered as youthful…or at least at the top of your game.

Another pop icon has passed. Michael Jackson.

Yea, he was weird in so many ways as he became an adult. The one white glove. Grabbing his crotch on stage. The children’s compound where alegations of child abuse arose. The weird marriages and the strange garb he dressed his kids in. The nose jobs. The changing skin color. The crazy amount of debt after being a super star all of his life.

But the good Michael was so very talented. Those of us who loved his music from his childhood to adulthood mourn the loss of that person. The Super Talent. The guy we now know had a troubled childhood.

It’s sad to watch a person’s life self-destruct. Is that what happened? Were drugs involved as mentioned as a possibility on the news? Think Elvis Presley. The father of one of his wives.

People can be very complicated.

Your memory will live on in your music. Your songs will continue to thrill us.

May you finally rest in peace.

2 Responses to “Only The Good Die Young”

  1. sandysays1

    All true. Unfortunately, the media will spend more time on his negs than his posis.

  2. Sandy

    Well said. The “Michael Jackson” I loved has been gone for so long.

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