Only The Good Die Young

One way to escape the wrinkles and frailities of old age is to die young. Then you will always be remembered as youthful…or at least at the top of your game.

Another pop icon has passed. Michael Jackson.

Yea, he was weird in so many ways as he became an adult. The one white glove. Grabbing his crotch on stage. The children’s compound where alegations of child abuse arose. The weird marriages and the strange garb he dressed his kids in. The nose jobs. The changing skin color. The crazy amount of debt after being a super star all of his life.

But the good Michael was so very talented. Those of us who loved his music from his childhood to adulthood mourn the loss of that person. The Super Talent. The guy we now know had a troubled childhood.

It’s sad to watch a person’s life self-destruct. Is that what happened? Were drugs involved as mentioned as a possibility on the news? Think Elvis Presley. The father of one of his wives.

People can be very complicated.

Your memory will live on in your music. Your songs will continue to thrill us.

May you finally rest in peace.


Where Were You When Your Mother Died?

I met your mom a few short weeks ago. She said she had just moved from a hoity-toity place that she really liked but she needed even more care.
Your mom asked me how many children I had. When I told her I was single and did not have any children, she said,”I’m sorry.” I  asked why she said that, and she replied, “Because I think you’ve missed a lot.”

I saw the photo collage on her door with your pictures and your kids’ pictures. Lots of faces on there.

Where were you when your mom was wheeled into the nursing home dining room wearing her purse  awkwardly around her neck?  (Old habits die hard.)

Where were you the last night I saw her when she cried out in pain as the nurse very gently rolled her to the dinner table? Where were you a few minutes later as she begged me to get  her a glass of water?

I  really wanted to  help her.  I could see how much pain she was in. I always said hi to her because she was one of the ladies who knew where she was and still had her mind. But I couldn’t get her  any water because  I didn’t know her medical condition.

Your mother was bleeding onto her terrycloth bib. It was so very sad to hear her helpless pleas fall on deaf ears. The  aides weres busy with other residents.  The nurse was off to another task.  I tried to get someone to respond. I think it was a weekend evening — you never know what to expect on on those shifts.

A couple of days ago I noticed your Mom’s nameplate was taken down. I checked the resident list and her name was gone. Your picture hung on the door for a few more days. I see the door is still closed today…I guess you haven’t had a chance to empty the room yet. Probably busy making  funeral plans.

Your mother must have loved you very much. I’m sure she was proud of you.  I saw your name in her obituary. Apparently she was pretty sick when you moved her there last month.

Where were you when your mother died?