And The Winner Is….

The mailbox locations post.

This is the “most visited” post on my blog for 2008.

Apparently, e-mail has not totally eliminated the need for those little blue boxes on street corners. We still have to mail some of our stuff.

And thanks to the U.S. Postal Service…I get lots of visitors trying to find a list of nearby mailboxes and their pick-up times. It would be quicker to drive across the county and hand-deliver your letter than to find the mailbox listings on the USPS dot gov site.

If you need to mail something, click on my April 8th post…..then dig into the comments section….and you will find some great links to non-governmental sites to help you in your quest for the Almighty Mailbox.

I suspect this will be a most popular post for some time to come.

Thanks to my readers for helping us all out!!!

One Response to “And The Winner Is….”

  1. Sandy

    we miss you!

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