Post Election Feels A Little Like 9/11

Remember how nice everyone was after the Twin Towers fell? For a few weeks Americans seemed to be nicer to each other. We had been attacked as a nation and we were all on the same side. People were friendlier and a more polite to strangers and others as they went about their business. We were all in it together. It was a quiet calm after the big storm.

It wasn’t the same happy feeling we experience during the Christmas holiday season. People are more rushed, pressured to get things done, but then they are pretty nice to each other for a week or so.

I think Americas have felt different since Tuesday night when Barack Obama was elected President. Our economy is in shambles and we’ve elected someone we hope can lift us out of the economic crisis and put more of us back to work.

Black and white strangers appear to be a little more friendly to each other. It took people of all races and economic backgrounds to elect our first African-American President, and we all know it.

Our country has undergone a major shift. I think in some ways we are experiencing a state of shock as we did post 9/11. But it’s a good shock.

How long do you think the honeymoon will last? Even if Obama solves all of our country’s major problems next year, how long will it be before people are back to their normal, indifferent selves?

Will the good feeling even last until inauguration day?

Wouldn’t it be nice if we had this holiday feeling all year?

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