Palin – A One Hit Wonder?

I sure hope so. There’s talk in Alaska about her running for President in 2012. I hope by then she has found something else to occupy her interest.

Caribou Barbie is just too kooky to serve as our President. Although I would like to see more parodies on Saturday Night Live.

3 Responses to “Palin – A One Hit Wonder?”

  1. Theresa

    I, for one, am glad the parodies are over. for that matter, I’m glad the whole election is over. New president-elect and the Dow down 498,but I always knew I would have to work until I die.

  2. patrick

    If Palin runs for President in 2012, at least she has name recognition going for her… but that may not work in her favor

  3. Sandy

    Personally I love her..I think she got a raw deal. What happened to feminism? She epitomizes it!

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