My 2009 Prediction

I predict that Barack, Malia, and Sasha will skyrocket to the top of the “Most Popular Baby Names” list for Americans during the next 90 days and into 2009.

Some of these babies will be African-American, some will be of mixed race, some white, and some Mexican-American and others Asian-American.

Furthermore….the popularity of these names will spread to people of color in nations throughout the world.


Post Election Feels A Little Like 9/11

Remember how nice everyone was after the Twin Towers fell? For a few weeks Americans seemed to be nicer to each other. We had been attacked as a nation and we were all on the same side. People were friendlier and a more polite to strangers and others as they went about their business. We were all in it together. It was a quiet calm after the big storm.

It wasn’t the same happy feeling we experience during the Christmas holiday season. People are more rushed, pressured to get things done, but then they are pretty nice to each other for a week or so.

I think Americas have felt different since Tuesday night when Barack Obama was elected President. Our economy is in shambles and we’ve elected someone we hope can lift us out of the economic crisis and put more of us back to work.

Black and white strangers appear to be a little more friendly to each other. It took people of all races and economic backgrounds to elect our first African-American President, and we all know it.

Our country has undergone a major shift. I think in some ways we are experiencing a state of shock as we did post 9/11. But it’s a good shock.

How long do you think the honeymoon will last? Even if Obama solves all of our country’s major problems next year, how long will it be before people are back to their normal, indifferent selves?

Will the good feeling even last until inauguration day?

Wouldn’t it be nice if we had this holiday feeling all year?

Palin – A One Hit Wonder?

I sure hope so. There’s talk in Alaska about her running for President in 2012. I hope by then she has found something else to occupy her interest.

Caribou Barbie is just too kooky to serve as our President. Although I would like to see more parodies on Saturday Night Live.

A Victory For All of America

A lot of white people walked into a voting booth yesterday and faced their own prejudices head on. And they did the right thing. They voted for a better economy, a better energy system, an end to the war. They voted for Democratic candidate Barack Obama.

We should all be very proud of our country. For once, I think the color barrier really has been broken.

I went to high school before busing began to more fully integrate our schools. Although my sister and I had a few black friends, and they were welcome in our home, our social lives were basically segregated. I live in a town that is predominantly socially segregated today.

Younger adults who went to school later with a more racially mixed population have a much more open attitude toward inter-racial dating. For a whole lot of adults age 50 and older, this can still be a difficult thing to accept. Prejudice can live pretty deep down in our psyches.

I’ve always been interested in the Civil Rights movement and Vietnam War protesters. I also wonder if I would have been strong enough to take a stand and march in those days.

Yesterday I woke up and decided to conduct my own private Civil Rights march. I walked to the polls instead of driving and thought about how historic this election really is. History in the making.

For a black man to win the U.S. Presidency, a lot of white men and women in their 50s, 60s, 70s, and 80s did more then just give lip service to the rights of equality. We are hearing about a lot of college educated white voters…but let’s not forget about the other voters. They dug down deep into their hearts and overcame some of the prejudices they still harbor. They voted for the issues, not the color of a man’s skin. This is a big deal.

This election even sparked the interest of my mother, who for months has said she did not want to vote anymore. She missed the opportunity yesterday, and last night, she said she kind of wished she had voted. She wanted to see Obama win.

We’ve come along way in just this one day. Obama has done so much more for America than maybe even he can realize.

The face and feel of America has changed overnight. This is truly a Civil Rights victory…and for many people, a personal victory as well.

There’s Excitement In The Air!

Today’s the big day. It feels like a holiday. The air is thick with excitement! Even some schools have closed.

No matter the outcome, it’s history in the making.

I don’t think we’ve seen this kind of excitement for a presidential candidate since John Kennedy. And I don’t remember that election. Barack Obama is causing excitement among people of all ages and races.

For Obama, it must be a little bittersweet today with the death of his Grandmother this week. No matter which candidate you support, if you have a heart, you feel sympathy for his loss.

May the best man win. Go Obama!