No Holiday at the Senior Apartment

My mother recently moved to a nursing home. I have been emptying out her senior apartment. My brother and I moved all of the furniture a few weeks ago. I was told there was no hurry to get the rest out as it was “too late” for any rent refund.

Yesterday I went to pick up the last load. I had been there several days each week. Last Friday I stopped by to check the mail, Sunday I moved the TV, Monday I checked the mail. Tuesday I checked the mail. Each time I passed by the office, waved at the staff, spoke to office staff last Friday, went into the dining room, etc. I still have the key. They place was not abandoned in any way.

On Thursday night I entered the apartment and found that someone had boxed up the rest of Mom’s stuff, and moved her U.S. mail from the spot I left it. I hadn’t even looked through the mail, but in recent weeks the hospital was sending bills there, etc. Not only that, there was a mysterious hand-written note on one of the pieces of preprinted mail.

Since other family has not been in there, the staff at Holiday Retirement had to have moved the stuff and ….some items are missing. I always checked that the door was locked BEFORE I unlocked it and when I left. This way if someone went in there and left the door unlocked, I knew it wasn’t me.

I’m really pissed that someone there thought they had the right to go in, touch the mail, move the stuff, and steal ANYTHING regardless of the value, before her lease was up. In fact, we were told we owed rent through the 2nd, another 4 days away.

I feel like my rights have been violated. It’s not the value of the items…it’s the fact that no one called and double checked that we were out, etc. before going in there. They didn’t clean that good when she lived there.

2 Responses to “No Holiday at the Senior Apartment”

  1. Theresa

    Patty, I had no idea she moved to a nursing home. I hope this is a better situation for her. As for what happened, it’s sad that people do that. It’s not legal but what can you do. when they moved Anne from NICU to St. Mary’s they didn’t let me know fast enough and all of her saint medals that were blessed (which saved her life) mysteriously disappeared and “no one knew about it.” I knew they were lying and someone stole them, but I have to go on knowing that hopefully they are blessing another sick child. I wish your mother well and I would certainly let the “home” know of my displeasure and make sure they are aware that you will speak of this treatment to other who might consider this place.

  2. intuitivelyobvious

    Thanks for your comments. She just moved in October.

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