Which War Did McCain Win?

“I know how to win a war.” We hear this from John McCain in every debate. Which war did he win?

Just because his dad and grandfather were admirals, that doesn’t mean he knows how to win a war. If my dad was a surgeon, would you trust me with a scalpel?

I thought McCain III was a POW in the Vietnam War. They way I remember it, President Nixon called the end to the Vietnam conflict “peace with honor.”

It wasn’t a victory. It was a truce. There’s a big difference between being a POW in a war than ended in a truce and knowing how to win a war. If it were that easy, there would be peace in Iraq and Afghanistan now.

The guys in the bleachers don’t “win” the World Series. The team and the coach…those are the people who can take credit for sports victories.

I’m sorry that McCain – or anyone – suffered as a POW. But there’s a big leap of faith and imagination to claim one knows how to win a war based on that experience alone.

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