A Look Back At A Bad Social Security Idea

Back in 2005 Presidential contenders George Bush and Al Gore were discussing plans to save social security.

Bush supported a plan to allow employees to invest part of their social security funds into the stock market.
Unfortunately, Bush won…but if his idea had come to fruition, there would be a lot more people up at night.

George is going to speak to us this morning on the economy. When he speaks, boy do I feel reassured! He always looks like a little kid who’s been pushed out on stage against his will. “Talk, George, Talk!”

And now we have the chance to elect the wandering John McCain. Actually, he has sounded more confident in the debates than at other appearances. But when he wandered around the stage at this week’s debate, it reminded me of people with mental illnesses pacing around aimlessly, presumably releasing up pent up energy. Maybe he’s nervous about the possibility of actually winning. Then what?

We don’t need any more wandering presidents. The Republicans have had their turn…and look at the economy. We really can’t afford four more years.

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