No Holiday at the Senior Apartment

My mother recently moved to a nursing home. I have been emptying out her senior apartment. My brother and I moved all of the furniture a few weeks ago. I was told there was no hurry to get the rest out as it was “too late” for any rent refund.

Yesterday I went to pick up the last load. I had been there several days each week. Last Friday I stopped by to check the mail, Sunday I moved the TV, Monday I checked the mail. Tuesday I checked the mail. Each time I passed by the office, waved at the staff, spoke to office staff last Friday, went into the dining room, etc. I still have the key. They place was not abandoned in any way.

On Thursday night I entered the apartment and found that someone had boxed up the rest of Mom’s stuff, and moved her U.S. mail from the spot I left it. I hadn’t even looked through the mail, but in recent weeks the hospital was sending bills there, etc. Not only that, there was a mysterious hand-written note on one of the pieces of preprinted mail.

Since other family has not been in there, the staff at Holiday Retirement had to have moved the stuff and ….some items are missing. I always checked that the door was locked BEFORE I unlocked it and when I left. This way if someone went in there and left the door unlocked, I knew it wasn’t me.

I’m really pissed that someone there thought they had the right to go in, touch the mail, move the stuff, and steal ANYTHING regardless of the value, before her lease was up. In fact, we were told we owed rent through the 2nd, another 4 days away.

I feel like my rights have been violated. It’s not the value of the items…it’s the fact that no one called and double checked that we were out, etc. before going in there. They didn’t clean that good when she lived there.


Which War Did McCain Win?

“I know how to win a war.” We hear this from John McCain in every debate. Which war did he win?

Just because his dad and grandfather were admirals, that doesn’t mean he knows how to win a war. If my dad was a surgeon, would you trust me with a scalpel?

I thought McCain III was a POW in the Vietnam War. They way I remember it, President Nixon called the end to the Vietnam conflict “peace with honor.”

It wasn’t a victory. It was a truce. There’s a big difference between being a POW in a war than ended in a truce and knowing how to win a war. If it were that easy, there would be peace in Iraq and Afghanistan now.

The guys in the bleachers don’t “win” the World Series. The team and the coach…those are the people who can take credit for sports victories.

I’m sorry that McCain – or anyone – suffered as a POW. But there’s a big leap of faith and imagination to claim one knows how to win a war based on that experience alone.

A Look Back At A Bad Social Security Idea

Back in 2005 Presidential contenders George Bush and Al Gore were discussing plans to save social security.

Bush supported a plan to allow employees to invest part of their social security funds into the stock market.
Unfortunately, Bush won…but if his idea had come to fruition, there would be a lot more people up at night.

George is going to speak to us this morning on the economy. When he speaks, boy do I feel reassured! He always looks like a little kid who’s been pushed out on stage against his will. “Talk, George, Talk!”

And now we have the chance to elect the wandering John McCain. Actually, he has sounded more confident in the debates than at other appearances. But when he wandered around the stage at this week’s debate, it reminded me of people with mental illnesses pacing around aimlessly, presumably releasing up pent up energy. Maybe he’s nervous about the possibility of actually winning. Then what?

We don’t need any more wandering presidents. The Republicans have had their turn…and look at the economy. We really can’t afford four more years.

More Bad Economic News

Tonight’s nightly news is full of bad economic news…layoffs, across the country state budget cuts for healthcare and other services, a drop in the stock market.

We were told that the big bailout was necessary to prevent the drying up of credit…yet the credit well is running dry anyway.

One sheriff in Chicago is refusing to evict people because he can’t tell if the folks are renters or homeowners. Good for him!

I don’t trust any of the politicians. There are plenty of solid good ideas being floated on talk shows and blogs..but will they be used? That would be too easy and would not appease the special interests who have the funds to lobby Congress.

I like the idea of dropping the interest rates on the mortgages if that will keep people in their homes. “Don’t throw the baby out with the bathwater.” The mortgage fat cats should have done this already!

If someone has been paying their mortgage faithfully for 10 years, then suddenly they’ve lost their job…work out a plan to give them a financial break of some kind to get them through some tough times. Anything less is like theft.

I hear that the government may have to cut back on student aid. Ouch…that will hurt. But we may have to pick and choose what we can do now and what may have to wait until later. We need a big picture plan. It’s just like your own family budget.  Our government needs to set some priorities, and some budget items may have to wait. Not a great proposition, but what happens if no changes are made?