Wall Street and Congress Should Quit Threatening Us

“Housing Prices Will Drop”

Good. I’m ready for a drop in my property taxes. I’m not planning on moving anytime soon, yet I have to keep paying more and more real real estate taxes to the county. A lot of elderly people and other working class people can’t keep up with these increases.

Also, I could never afford to buy my own house now. What about other people in the same income bracket? Especially young families. Let ’em drop.

I’ve always heard being a mortgage lender was a great way to make a lot of money. Drop those salaries and commissions. Drop those interest rates. You created the system, fix it yourself. Don’t make ALL the taxpayers responsible for your mistakes. Put some people in jail if you find they violated the law.

Let people stay in their houses and take less of a payment for now. Get that cash flowing.

“We Won’t Have Any Credit”

The only money I owe is on my house. I pay off my credit card each and every month. People like me will still have credit as long as companies are making money off of us. Every time I use my card, Wal-Mart, QT, etc. pay the credit card a fee. Somebody’s making some money off me.

Are school’s teaching math anymore? For those home buyers and mortgage lenders “in crisis”…go back to school and learn to manage your finances.

And where was the oversight? I thought banks had regular visits from banking examiners? If the mess is this big, how can we trust that it won’t get bigger with a bail out?

George Bush….keep your damn bail out plan. You and  your rich buddies put your own personal cash into it if it’s so damn important.

This is no “investment.” It’s a threat aimed at the emotions of the American people.

How many lobbyist are pushing for this plan? Who are they and what are they being paid?

Bailout, loan, whatever you call it…we are not so naive to believe that this is a “good deal” for the economy or that suddenly the employment rate will drop, etc. We’ve already got a war to pay for. We can’t have it all without creating newer, bigger problems down the road.

And how many more companies are going to expect a bail out? Where does it end if you don’t stop it now?

One Response to “Wall Street and Congress Should Quit Threatening Us”

  1. Peter Davis

    Some very good points! Taxpayers paying to bailout failed business men is a very bad socialistic idea that will kill the free market and put the final nail in the coffin of our Republic.

    Both the right and left are fear mongering us to enrich their buddies by stealing our money. Ex-Goldman Sachs CEO, and now Treasury Secretary Paulson, is creating some shady deals by putting Goldman Sachs competitors out of business. He surely will increase his 700 million dollar fortune if any legislation is passed.

    But it’s not over yet. The sheeple are waking up and are forcing their congressmen to do their job or their out of office next month. We must continue to press our representatives to stop this insanity.

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