He’s Called The Baby Daddy

He’s called the “baby daddy.” It’s time to add this term to the dictionary as it’s use is well established. Maybe it’s already officially added.

In case the Republicans and the news media haven’t noticed, the biological father of the young pregnant daughter of Gov. Sarah Palin should now be referred to as the “baby daddy.”

I regularly hear this phrase at work, and it’s no longer confined to the African-American population where it originated.

I think McCain was looking to add some hip-ness to the Republican party when he tapped Sarah as his Veep, but he doesn’t even know the language.

Sarah seems a little hip, but it’s not going to rub off on McCain just by association.

By the way, what’s up with that hairdo, Sarah? With that loose hair hanging out on top, it looks a little too scruffy for the position you are aspiring too. I bet you wouldn’t have worn it that way on the runway.

One Response to “He’s Called The Baby Daddy”

  1. michelle2005

    My friend’s nine year old daughter thinks like the RNC. She told her Mom that…”Cindy (McCain) and the other lady should be president.” Her mom asked WHY she said that. Her reply, “Because they both have nice nails and pretty hair.”

    Can’t you see this is total logic? lol


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