Wall Street and Congress Should Quit Threatening Us

“Housing Prices Will Drop”

Good. I’m ready for a drop in my property taxes. I’m not planning on moving anytime soon, yet I have to keep paying more and more real real estate taxes to the county. A lot of elderly people and other working class people can’t keep up with these increases.

Also, I could never afford to buy my own house now. What about other people in the same income bracket? Especially young families. Let ’em drop.

I’ve always heard being a mortgage lender was a great way to make a lot of money. Drop those salaries and commissions. Drop those interest rates. You created the system, fix it yourself. Don’t make ALL the taxpayers responsible for your mistakes. Put some people in jail if you find they violated the law.

Let people stay in their houses and take less of a payment for now. Get that cash flowing.

“We Won’t Have Any Credit”

The only money I owe is on my house. I pay off my credit card each and every month. People like me will still have credit as long as companies are making money off of us. Every time I use my card, Wal-Mart, QT, etc. pay the credit card a fee. Somebody’s making some money off me.

Are school’s teaching math anymore? For those home buyers and mortgage lenders “in crisis”…go back to school and learn to manage your finances.

And where was the oversight? I thought banks had regular visits from banking examiners? If the mess is this big, how can we trust that it won’t get bigger with a bail out?

George Bush….keep your damn bail out plan. You and  your rich buddies put your own personal cash into it if it’s so damn important.

This is no “investment.” It’s a threat aimed at the emotions of the American people.

How many lobbyist are pushing for this plan? Who are they and what are they being paid?

Bailout, loan, whatever you call it…we are not so naive to believe that this is a “good deal” for the economy or that suddenly the employment rate will drop, etc. We’ve already got a war to pay for. We can’t have it all without creating newer, bigger problems down the road.

And how many more companies are going to expect a bail out? Where does it end if you don’t stop it now?


Saving For “Retirement” Is Easy Compared To This

We hear a lot from the so-called financial experts about the importance of saving for retirement.
Retirement is easy. You need food, shelter, and clothing. The challenge is to save for long-term illness.

Many of the elderly of our county require a lot of extra care. Many of these people were healthy all of their lives before dementia, Alzheimer’s, or physical ailments arrived on the scene. Not only do they need a lot of personal and medical care, they need help with managing finances, shopping, doing the research on care providers, etc.

Retiring to a sunbelt state is easy. Stepping in to look after the care of an elderly parent…now THAT is the real challenge. And if your family member (parent, aunt, sister, etc.) didn’t earn a lot of money, or did not manage the money, ie save some of it, you are in for some real fun and stress.

You want to give them the best of care, but when money is limited…plus you need to work for a living, you are going to have to make a choice.

A friend recently mentioned an illness with her 60 something single sister who still works, but is addicted to TV shopping shows. Now her sister is worried about high deductibles on her health insurance. My friend said how she spent her money (filling her home with crap from home shopping network) is her business.

My reply: not if you have to take care of her when she’s sick.

Does Sarah Forward E-mail?

If you can tell a lot about a person by the company they keep, I think you can tell a lot more about a person by the by the e-mails they forward.

Since someone has hacked into Sarah Palin’s e-mail yahoo account, I would like to know what type of e-mails she forwards. You know those e-mails with urban myths, advice to keep you safe in the world, stories of hope, inspirational prayers and friendship poems, all that type of stuff that circles the globe.

I want to know who forwards things to her and what are the topics. Does she send back those friendship boomerangs? “I hope I get this back so I know I have a friend.”

Would she be embarrassed if we knew how much time she spent on forwarded e-mail?
If you’ve ever received a forward from Sarah, what was it about?

Baby Daddy’s Appearance To Glorify Teen Pregnancy

They are saying on the news that the Palin baby daddy will accompany the family to the Republican convention.
To me, this is glorifying teen pregnancy. This is poor judgment in my opinion. There is no reason to pull this whole relationship into the public eye like this. Let the family work this out privately back home in Alaska.

This shows a lack of judgment on Palin’s part and places a lot of pressure and stress on two young lives.

And if she should happen to miscarry, who do you think will be blamed? The news media – not the Republicans, or Palin, or McCain.

This shows a distinct lack of family values.

He’s Called The Baby Daddy

He’s called the “baby daddy.” It’s time to add this term to the dictionary as it’s use is well established. Maybe it’s already officially added.

In case the Republicans and the news media haven’t noticed, the biological father of the young pregnant daughter of Gov. Sarah Palin should now be referred to as the “baby daddy.”

I regularly hear this phrase at work, and it’s no longer confined to the African-American population where it originated.

I think McCain was looking to add some hip-ness to the Republican party when he tapped Sarah as his Veep, but he doesn’t even know the language.

Sarah seems a little hip, but it’s not going to rub off on McCain just by association.

By the way, what’s up with that hairdo, Sarah? With that loose hair hanging out on top, it looks a little too scruffy for the position you are aspiring too. I bet you wouldn’t have worn it that way on the runway.

Give Us Your Tired, Your Wretched, “Yawn”…. Your Boring

The Republicans can have Joe Lieberman. He won’t be missed.

And with all the attention of Miss Sarah, his recent speech at the Republican convention is just a bleep on the news ticker.

Family Values Should Be About More Than Talk

If I were a single, 17 year old pregnant woman, I think I would like to have my mother’s support during what must be a stressful time for any woman. I wouldn’t want to be pregnant under the microscope of the American public in a race for the White House.

To me, there’s more to “family values” than just talking about it. Actions speak louder than words.  We here a lot about “family first,” but we don’t see much of it when it comes to politics and ambition.

Sarah Palin sounds like someone I might like to be around. But she’s not my choice as Vice President this go round. And now, I really do question her judgment.