America’s Got Talent…But What’s Up With The Convention Coverage?

Ever since I was in high school I’ve watched the political convention. Tonight I’m watching NBC  on broadcast TV — not cable, and at 7 pm Central time a talent show is playing. I figure at 8 pm the convention will come on.

Imagine my surprise when I turned on my computer to check my email and find out Obama already has the nomination. No, that is not the surprise…the surprise is it was not televised live on broadcast TV in prime time. I’m switching the TV between ABC, NBC, and CBS…nothing. I checked and nothing is scheduled until 8 pm. I see another online news story that says Bill Clinton takes the podium to the tune of of “Don’t Stop Thinking About Tomorrow.”  Quickly I switch the TV channels again and find Bill is on PBS.

Somebody screwed up. Everybody doesn’t have cable TV. Some of us poor Democrats were depending on the wisdom of the national news bureaus to show us history in the making.

Why didn’t the Democratic convention planners delay the nomination until the broadcast stations were live? Don’t they have a TV in the hotel? Didn’t they want to maximize the live exposure/publicity for Obama that is best enjoyed live? Did they forget we vote too…and some of us have not made up our mind and are not that crazy about Obama?

Somebody let us down. Who was it?

One Response to “America’s Got Talent…But What’s Up With The Convention Coverage?”

  1. Sandy

    I saw Hillary do the “nomination” during the NBC evening broadcast of the news..they went to the convention coverage around 5:40 Central Standard Time to show Hillary closing the nominations, etc. I agree tho..I expected to see this “re run” during the primetime coverage…it did happen live during the evening news..

    go Sarah!!!

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