Smokers Fair Better At Work

I’m working at a place where we are supposed to clock out for lunch…but not smoke breaks.

So the smokers go outside several times a day for 10 minutes or more each time….while on the clock.

I’m too busy working to count how many times they go out, but I would bet it averages at least four times a day per smoker.  Maybe more. I don’t smoke, so I don’t know much about much time smoking requires. Maybe it’s six times a day and adds up to more than an hour.

I think non-smokers ought to get paid for their lunch hours…without having to eat outside.

Smokers cost companies more in terms of wasted time and higher insurance premiums.  Non-smokers should at least get a free lunch break.

2 Responses to “Smokers Fair Better At Work”

  1. Sandy

    I agree! I have always thought I should be able to take M & M breaks too!

  2. GibGrl

    OH COMPLETELY! You are a social Darwinist as we used to say. As a former smoker who had flex time and no time clocks I can admit some smoke breaks got pretty long, for the gang it was a routine: walk to the cafeteria, get coffee, mosey to the smoke area. I still remember one guy saying “I wonder when all the non smokers will get pissed that they don’t f*** off for half an hour like we do”. As I remember it was years ago when all smoking got moved out doors. I will say tho, I always ate lunch at my desk, took 20 min and was back at it. Lots of folks would take ‘involved’ lunchs, so I dunno, maybe it works out? But yea, take it one step farther in the medical insurance. If you smoke, or dont manage your diabetes or dont eat heart healthy do you get kicked out of the insurance pool?

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