America’s Got Talent…But What’s Up With The Convention Coverage?

Ever since I was in high school I’ve watched the political convention. Tonight I’m watching NBC  on broadcast TV — not cable, and at 7 pm Central time a talent show is playing. I figure at 8 pm the convention will come on.

Imagine my surprise when I turned on my computer to check my email and find out Obama already has the nomination. No, that is not the surprise…the surprise is it was not televised live on broadcast TV in prime time. I’m switching the TV between ABC, NBC, and CBS…nothing. I checked and nothing is scheduled until 8 pm. I see another online news story that says Bill Clinton takes the podium to the tune of of “Don’t Stop Thinking About Tomorrow.”  Quickly I switch the TV channels again and find Bill is on PBS.

Somebody screwed up. Everybody doesn’t have cable TV. Some of us poor Democrats were depending on the wisdom of the national news bureaus to show us history in the making.

Why didn’t the Democratic convention planners delay the nomination until the broadcast stations were live? Don’t they have a TV in the hotel? Didn’t they want to maximize the live exposure/publicity for Obama that is best enjoyed live? Did they forget we vote too…and some of us have not made up our mind and are not that crazy about Obama?

Somebody let us down. Who was it?


Smokers Fair Better At Work

I’m working at a place where we are supposed to clock out for lunch…but not smoke breaks.

So the smokers go outside several times a day for 10 minutes or more each time….while on the clock.

I’m too busy working to count how many times they go out, but I would bet it averages at least four times a day per smoker.  Maybe more. I don’t smoke, so I don’t know much about much time smoking requires. Maybe it’s six times a day and adds up to more than an hour.

I think non-smokers ought to get paid for their lunch hours…without having to eat outside.

Smokers cost companies more in terms of wasted time and higher insurance premiums.  Non-smokers should at least get a free lunch break.

What They Are Googling Now

I mentioned in a previous post that it’s interesting to see how people find my blog.

Today I see someone googled “black boobs vs. white boobs.”  I wonder what they wanted to know? Is there a difference betweent the two that I am unaware of? I wonder if they learned anything.

Some Of My Readers Might Be A Little Strange

If you go into the backroom of the WordPress software, you can find out how people came across your blog in the past day or so.

I like to see what Google search terms brought people to my digital front door.

Here’s what I saw today:

“how to peep on boobs”  — Do you think this was a 7 year old boy?

“grey hair boobs” – no comment

“old office boobs” – Someone with an elderly fetish maybe.

At least the voyeurs wanted to see I had to say!

Here’s the entry that brought them here:

Great Website For Caregivers

I found a great website for people dealing with dementia or Alzheimer’s. The boards are a good place to post your questions and receive advice from those with real world experience as a caregiver.  It’s also a place to go if you need to do a little venting and gain some perspective.

It’s run by the Alzhiemer’s Association. Check it out if you find yourself in this position.

Too Hot To Post?

Posted On August 3, 2008

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Actually, no. Mom is requiring more attention and time. I will spare you the details.

Ideas come into my head, but I don’t always get them typed up. Or else I start a draft, but don’t finish it.

Happy August…if you like heat.

July is Ice Cream month…but there’s no reason to stop eating it now!