Money To Burn

I attended a July 4th picnic held in a neighborhood that’s best described as a little rough around the edges. It appeared to be a working class neighborhood. Although I have been in neighborhoods at the lower end of the economic scale where the yards were meticulously kept, this was not one of those. It had a more rough and tumble look to it.  The streets were filled with older cars and big pick-up trucks.

It was also located in a county where fireworks are legal.

All afternoon we heard the pow-pow-pow of fireworks. I would have assumed the the high cost of gas would have had a bigger affect on these residents. But apparently they had plenty of money burn.

Today at work, the soda machine vendor commented that his $100 worth of fireworks didn’t go as far this year. Only a couple of hours of fun vs a couple of days.

If raising gas prices limits the amount of money people can spend on fireworks…I would be willing to pay more for gas during June and July. Fireworks cause too many injuries to innocent children and damage to innocent property owners.

5 Responses to “Money To Burn”

  1. Sandy

    It is all about priorities. I can’t imagine pissing $100 away on fireworks. go see the professional ones for free. Maybe there are too many pyromaniac wanna be’s out there!

  2. Theresa

    Everyone has difficulty with the economy. Although I personally would not waste that kind of money on fireworks, the guy works hard for his money and it’s his money to burn. It could be that he had his whole family there, maybe the first fireworks for some members of his family (babies, etc). Money problems will always exist, July 4th comes once a year. The same way Christmas does, should we not piss away money on that too??

  3. Sandy

    Everyone is free to “piss” their money away however they choose. Do “babies” really give a crap about fireworks? Anyway, to each their own….

  4. Theresa

    That’s correct and you have just made me want to “piss” away this blog. so thank you

  5. Gibgrl

    Amen sister. Yeeesh. People gripe about the cost of gas but they still live 90 miles away, drive a 4WD 8 cylinder truck AND have a boat. YEA priorities is right. I end up spending 3$ on earlplugs and well then another 20 on vodka but I digress…

    How about this…. I don’t give a rat what you spend money on but when my 4 days off gets wrecked listening to morons set off firecrackers ‘all day every day’ I say your rights are impinging on mine. Piss about that?

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