Boobs In The Office

I see a lot of boobs in the office. I don’t mean dumb people, I mean breasts, cleavage, tits, hooters, “the girls”…whatever  you want to call them. Plastic boobs the size of melons on a very small frame. You name it.

Most of the boobs are being flashed by younger women. There was a time where women had office attire and social or date attire that looked quite different from each other. But now the lines are blurred.

So here’s a question…since women dye their grey hair to look younger…should we lower our necklines in the office during a job interview so people will think we are younger too? Of course, I realize if your boobs sag too low or your skin is starting to show too many signs of age….this could be counter-productive.

Weight or breast size doesn’t seem to be a factor either. I’ve seen breasts of all sizes hanging out at water cooler. (Yes, we do have a water cooler….but I’ve actually seen more of them at the reception desk or in a cubicle.)

In the old days, there was the perceived risk of “sending the wrong message”  and “not being professional” if co-workers were being treated to too much of a peep show. The younger women – educated and professionally employed – don’t seem to worry about that today.

And tattoos…well that’s another story.

What do you think?

16 Responses to “Boobs In The Office”

  1. Nothing Fancy

    LOL!!! You are so right. It’s like women don’t care what they look like anymore – just slap something on and head to the office. No worries about whether or not your boobs are hanging all over the place. We’ve got all kinds here at the office…the young perkies set up on display…the gigantic ones that double as a holder for the woman’s lunch tray…the ones that sag down to the knees, yet the owner feels no need to wear a bra…and of course the ones you get a full look at because the owner is wearing a see through blouse sans bra.

    Its just gross.

  2. Sandy

    I agree! I thought it was just me seeing the “girls” out there. A lot of my clients are showing their stuff too. One of my conservative clients told me about one of her other vendors letting it all hang out at appts. This client gave the gal a small order to reward the bad dress code behavior…the client was offended by the attire.

    If you watched Mondays’ episode of House, one of the exec gals/ex-wife to House was wearing a sexy, lacy camisole under her suit..I thought that was inappropriate for her supposed position with the hospital.

    My DH is offended when he continues to see thongs under white pants at his office…professionally offended but I guess he looks too!

    Got em? Flaunt em! NOT! At least not at work!

  3. Enzo Seah

    Couldn’t agree more with that. Not just boobs though, they are showing whatever they have to be shown. Lower necklines, higher skirt that shows more legs… I find it to be very unprofessional for women to dress such ways. I don’t mind women showing their assets but please do only when you’re out of the office. You certainly do not see guys who unbutton their shirts to show off their chiseled chests.

  4. sarwonohm

    LOL!!! I think u just bored to c all kinds of women b**bs. So stop looking at those b**bs. U can c the other “side” of women, her hair, her face, her back, etc. hehehe

  5. Daniel

    This makes it difficult to take people seriously in the business world when they act like strumpets. Seems the order of business has been confused with the activity formerly reserved for the barroom. Oh, well, glad I only visit the corporate world now and then, and don’t have to dwell there. Mean time, I’m at

  6. intuitivelyobvious

    You can’t help but see the boobs. By the way, this is written by a woman…lots of us “older” gals think we are seeing too much of the other ladies in the office. Last week I went to an outdoor concert and a black woman wearing white pants flashed her black thong at us in the seat in the row in front of us. This week some young man flashed his butt crack…and he wasn’t even wearing a tool belt. I think somebody in his group said something (Dad or father-in-law?) cause then he was trying to tuck in his shirt. Somebody ought to tell that boob to buy a belt.

    With everybody taking pictures with their cell phones….you better be aware of what your’re showing and doing in public.

  7. girlfromthenorthcountry

    I wonder if this same type of controversy was going on when women first started to wear pants to the office in the ’70s.

  8. lwayswright

    I have noticed that it is even hard to find shirts that either don’t show clevage a bunch or that come long enough to cover your entire stomach. It’s like the fashion industry has decided that we all want to show the girls and our bellys no matter how big or small either may be. It’s quite a difficult situation. I try to teach my daughters to dress appropriately…which in this day and age is really hard!

  9. Just Wondering...

    Had it been a white woman who had flashed you, would you have said, “… and a white woman wearing…” or simply, “and a woman wearing?” Why was the “young man” not also described by his skin color? Just wondering how true something you said in an earlier post is: “There is still a lot of racism in this country. It may be below the surface…but it’s there.”

  10. cstair

    When cleavage dots the office, it’s a good thing. Boosts morale?

  11. dougspostalescape

    these days (i know i sound like im 80 yrs old or something)you cant help but see all the fleshy parts of a womans anatomy showing, women seem to think that it’s good to show off all that STUFF,common view point is if you got it flaunt it. not nessesarily so.what ever happened to leaving something to the imagination.

  12. locavore4lore

    Just discussing this phenomenon with my sisters: when did professional office dress fall victim to the wretched “style” trends of low riders (pants with low/no rise), peekaboo lingerie tops and inappropriately short skirts?

    I do NOT want to see a “crack” of any variety into which I could flip a quarter and expect to see some sort of hootchie-kootchie action.

    –My nephew’s 4th-grade teacher bends over, revealing cleavage to her knees (no thought of wearing a top that doesn’t gap open) or squats down, revealing at least two inches of actual buttock bifurcation above her pants.

    –One of my 20-something co-workers *constantly* pulls her clothes to try to cover the space between muffin top and said bifurcation.

    –One of my 30-something co-workers wore light colored skin-tight pants that plainly revealed the pants’ care tag (you could read the washing instructions against her backside) and her lack of undergarments.

    –The guys in my office are wearing full undergarments (including undeshirts), long-sleeved shirts, jackets, ties, and closed-toe shoes. It looks ridiculous to see them walk down the hall with a woman who appears to have come to work dressed in a nightgown and flip-flops or similar.

    What kind of message does this send? “You don’t have to take me seriously because I’m relying on my breasts to divert your attention from whatever I’m saying,” or “Forget that I have an MBA; just concentrate on whether I’m wearing a thong or nothing at all–that’s the real question you need to concentrate on in this meeting.”

    As for the young men who reveal too much, intuitivelyobvious (above) is right: buy a belt. Otherwise, a small child may be scarred for life when they insert a quarter into the slot and get *no* return on their investment.

  13. Peggi

    Ain’t it wonderful, what the so-called women’s lib movement has done for us? I feel that men respect us so much MORE than they used to!!!!

    As an aside, why is it that panty lines are gauche, but it’s ok to show your bra straps? My sister-in-law wears thongs because she doesn’t want panty lines, but she has no problem wearing a spaghetti-strap tank top with her bra straps showing. I don’t get it.

  14. intuitivelyobvious

    Regarding my comment about the color of the woman and thong…just noting the contract. Had the woman been white with a black outfit…I hope I would have noted it..but maybe I would not have. You are right, I did not describe the male’s race. You make a good point.

    I probably described her as black because I am white. So here’s a question: do most black (African-American) people mention the race of someone if it’s not the same as their own?

    Regarding muffin tops showing…I’ve seen some attractive, quite thin women look unnessarily pudgy around the middle because that style is not forgiving…it emphasizes every little ounce.

  15. intuitivelyobvious

    that word should “contrast”

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