The Bunnies Are Doing Great

Posted On June 2, 2008

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The baby bunnies on my front lawn are growing like weeds. I cut a hole in a plastic laundry basket (doorway for Momma) and placed it over them in the front yard to protect from predators. I took a wire coat hanger and bent it to form a hook to anchor the basket in case of wind. The basket also reminds me where they are are in the middle of the open yard.

Momma Bunny has brought some more grass to replace the grass which blew away in the storm the other night. The laundry basket also provides some shade. I wonder why Momma didn’t have them under a tree somewhere…maybe it was too muddy from all of the storms.

My neighbor has about six baby bunnies under one of her little bushes. The bushes sit on rocks….again, maybe this provided a dry place for them.

We would both love to pick them up, but are resisting. They are just adorable!! I can’t believe how much they have grown in just two days. Yesterday they were barely moving under the grass, I was afraid they were dead. But when I lifted up the basket to check on them this morning, I think the sunshine made them move.

All of this makes me want to read up on rabbit habits.

One Response to “The Bunnies Are Doing Great”

  1. GibGrl

    Get a pet!

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