6 Reasons To Let Go of Your Lawn Obsession

I have friends who spend all of the spring, summer, and fall months monitoring their lawns like those who live along a river watch the water levels during times of heavy rain. They make having a perfectly coifed lawn at all times a top priority.

I try to keep up with my grass, but believe me, when it’s 101 degrees outside, I’m not sweating over the lawn. It can grow tall…it’ll be there when I get to it.

Last weekend my old lawnmower conked out. We’d had several days of rain and the grass was pretty tall. When I cut the grass, I don’t bag it for a variety of reasons…environmentalists say it’s better to leave the grass clippings on the lawn, it’s more work, and it costs more to pay to have it hauled a way. So when I bought a new mower Memorial Day, it shot out large clumps of grass giving my suburban lawn that “farmer’s lawn” look. That works for me.

Last night when I pulled into the driveway, there was a nice bunny rabbit sitting oh-so-still about eighteen inches from the edge of the driveway. Instead of jumping out of the car, I sat there for a couple of minutes looking at the rabbit. She was sitting in front of a big clump of grass clippings. She didn’t move. I knew I had to get out of the car, but I didn’t want to disturb her. I had a feeling about that grass clump.

As I got out of the car, Bunny Rabbit hopped away. I walked over to the grass clump, peered in, and BIG SMILE saw two or three teeny little bunny babies. They were oh-so-cute. So I left them alone.

We had a big storm overnight. The big grass clump has been blown away completely. This morning I can count six sets of tiny little ears in a huddle. I just read on an animal rescue website that a healthy Momma Rabbit will visit her nest only for a short time each night to avoid predators, but she’s probably nearby. I hope so. I’ll keep an eye out.

I’m trying to think of something I can use to protect the nest. Rabbits are always welcome on my lawn.

3 Responses to “6 Reasons To Let Go of Your Lawn Obsession”

  1. Theresa

    Patty, I too have so many bunnies that stay in my lawn. They hop from front yard to back yard and I just love having them there. Anne really enjoys watching them and I would not think of having them move. I don’t have any bunnies yet!!! I also found two ducks sitting on the edge of my pool (those I don’t need or want)!!!!

    Enjoy the bunnies….


  2. Theresa

    Sorry, no baby bunnies yet.

  3. Penguin Pete

    Squee! I had the same thing happen! My kids loved seeing them, and they grew up and eventually moved out – but we still see baby bunnies occasionally dropping by for visits.

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