Sad News About A Good Friend

I received this sad email today:

I must let you know that Yardman Lawnmower passed on today at 5 pm.

It was due to complications involving his magneto, and he went into spark plug arrest, a failure to create a spark to ignite the gasoline in his piston.

He had a wonderful 11 years of life, enjoyed the outdoors, and his winter vacations.

Don’t languish about his untimely demise. There are many Yard Machines like him at Home Depot. Why, I saw one today for $140….But, I know that there will be ONLY one Yardman that you will cherish the most and that was this one.

My Condolences

Maybe if I bury him in the front yard someone will cut my grass while I’m at a barbecue Sunday.

4 Responses to “Sad News About A Good Friend”

  1. Theresa

    When mine also passes to the next life, I already have his replacement (one that will never fail). I have a MANUAL lawnmower. the only way this one will die is if I do while pushing it. So sorry to hear about its passing.

  2. intuitivelyobvious

    I too have a manual one…but when the grass is tall and it’s warm and humid…it requires too much effort.

  3. The Domestic Goddess

    I have a manual mower with a push button. It’s called “my husband” and he never has to be asked twice to cut grass. In fact, he cuts it several times a week to maintain its golf-course appearance. I have the opposite problem of most people, I want him to STOP cutting the grass so much.

  4. Theresa

    When the grass is tall and it’s warm and humid, I stay hydrated with a water bottle, get my exercise out of the way, get a little tan, and proceed to jump straight into my pool for a cool down. Not a bad day

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