Psychic Calling

Posted On May 16, 2008

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HR people come up with all kinds of ways to predict who they should hire for different jobs. They use trick interview questions, “personality” or “behavior” (psychological) tests, skills tests, etc.

The only one I totally agree on is the skills tests…but even these can be quirky. And usually if you point out some curious or funky aspect about the test to the HR Professional…you will get a blank stare or a stupid answer because they often have never taken that test or don’t have the skills to understand the job you are applying for.

My mom recently fell in a store with a well-known name. I have been receiving phone calls while I am at work asking how she is. Today they sent me a letter.

Apparently they employ psychics in the claims department. The letter is dated in April…the incident occurred in May. Furthermore, why are they calling….if they predicted the event, they should be able to predict the outcome.

And why not use psychics in the HR department and skip the stupid hoops they put you through. It makes about as much sense.

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