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Posted On May 6, 2008

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Well since Theresa stopped by my blog again, I feel like I need to write something.

Today is Mom’s birthday. My sister and I took her out to dinner last night. My sweet niece and nephew came along. She showed us her newly minted driver’s license…she looks exactly like her mother in the picture! When the ladies at the license bureau asked her how much she weighed, she said she didn’t know. So they looked at her and typed in 95 pounds. When she weighed herself later, they were off by 5 pounds.

Only two more weeks and I will be relieved of Idol Watching duty. I wonder if David Cook likes older women? I sure hope he wins.

Are they ever going to have a Middle Aged Idol? I might try out. Mom always said I couldn’t sing, but at karaoke, some people tell me I have a good voice. Most people do not encourage bad singers to keep on singing, so either Mom was wrong, or these people are tone deaf. If I ever win the lottery, I’m taking private singing lessons.

If I win enough money, I could host Middle Aged Idol. Of course by then, I might be Elder Idol.

2 Responses to “Recent Happenings”

  1. Theresa

    You don’t have to blog because of me. I’m so glad that everyone had a great time at your mom’s birthday. Sounds like a sweet evening. Your niece is driving, my daughter doesn’t want to just yet. Probably because of the accident, but I’d rather she wait until she feels comfortable behind the wheel. I hope your niece will be a good and cautious driver. Hope your mother is doing well.

    As for American Idol, I’ve never seen it so I have no comment about it. I would like to see the “Middle Age” break in every other aspect of life, though (kinda like the “senior citizen” break, the “student” break). They need a “Middle Age we pay for everything, you don’t deserve a break” break.

    Have a good day


  2. intuitivelyobvious

    My niece is still in the parking lot training wheels.

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