The Grassy Knoll: Tales From My Backyard

Yesterday I got my first whiff of fresh cut grass. It really smelled good after such a long, long winter. And, I wasn’t the one doing the work. Heck, it wasn’t even my backyard.

The Domestic Goddess frequently writes about her backyard, so I have stolen her idea and I’m writing about my own backyard. Apparently we have something in common as when it rains, we both have puddles in our backyards. This spring it’s been more like a swamp in mine.

Backyard experts will tell you that every fall you’re supposed to rake and bag up the leaves that fall in your yard. “If you don’t rake them up, you won’t have grass next year.” Yea, yea, yea….I could be so lucky as to not have to cut grass when it’s 103 degrees in the shade.

Some years I actually to go out about the second weekend in November and mulch the leaves with the mower and bag up the leftover leaf crumbles that don’t quite blend into the grass. And that’s it. A couple of hours and I’ve had my fill of yardwork for the year. I’d rather shovel snow in the winter than cut grass in the humidity.

Other years, I wait too long and the first snow or heavy rain comes along in November, and woops!!! ….. it’s too late to touch the leaves. Oh, well. I don’t loose any sleep over it.

I know people who will work in the yard in the middle of January if we have just one somewhat nice day. Not me. Yard work doesn’t begin until after April 15th. So today I’ peaked out my kitchen window to see how soon I need to start cutting and yes, there are still SOME leaves left from last fall… but for the most part….it’s all GREEN with grass that is already getting tall. Must have been all that great rain we’ve had.

No, I did not touch the leaves last fall. And yes, I have grass.

Reminds me of the second summer in this house when I had an aging evergreen tree removed from the front yard. The lower branches were resting on the grass, it had two trunks, leaned over to the side, etc. I was told my an arborist to either take the tree down or leave it alone….that it really shouldn’t be trimmed.

Since the tree was so shabby looking, I had it cut down in the fall. The old guy across the street promptly came over to let me know that I would never have grass growing in the 12 foot diameter of brown dirt left behind because it was an evergreen, blah, blah, blah. Somebody else in the neighborhood (or somewhere on the planet) took down an evergreen two decades before and still had a bare lawn, yada, yada, yada.

I guess I was supposed to freak out or something. I smiled and said I wasn’t too worried about it. “Less grass to cut next summer.”

The following spring, I barely scratched the surface of the dry ground with a rake and threw out some Scott’s PatchMaster seed, fertilizer, mulch mix….so now I had a great big BLUE spot in my front yard. Then I watered the big blue spot more or less according to the package directions.

Before I knew it, the Big Brown Bare Spot was just a memory. I had grass. And plenty of it.

Ha, ha, ha.

Maybe I should call myself the Green Goddess….but I think that’s a salad dressing.

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