Is The Monster Dead?

I used to love the job hunting website Not anymore.

The site is always slow and I don’t get all of the job alerts I signed up for. I’ve checked my settings a couple of times, but nothing has improved. I’ve later stumbled across jobs that should have been sent to me in my daily alert.

It seem like the more job hunting websites there are, the worse they all function. And lots of them seem to be siblings of other sites. The name is changed, but the information/listings appear to be the same.

Searching for specific types of jobs can be a painful lesson in patience on many of these sites.

Technology is great when it works….frustrating when it stumbles.

2 Responses to “Is The Monster Dead?”

  1. Mary J

    It may not be dead but it’s definitely in Pain…

  2. GibGrl

    FWIW whenever I have a resume posted I get 10x the spam, more like 1000x the spam. I heard a long time ago but put your email in as; leave the @ out. Or put in a space. Automated readers cant find the email syntax. I’m tempted to just leave it off. Anyway to make your job notices more inclusive, or does that just clog your inbox(ie all FT in SL?)

    just thinking out loud

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