Did You Turn Your Lights Out Saturday Night?

I didn’t think so.

Saturday night the whole world was supposed to dim their lights at 8 pm (their time) for an hour. Do you know how dangerous that could be in some cities and neighborhoods?

Some organization called Earth Hour wanted us to turn off our “non-essential” lights and electronics as a global event to fight climate change. Or at least show some support.

In keeping with the spirit, Google’s page was black all day with white writing (reverse print.)

So tell me this, I didn’t check, but did Google shut down its servers Saturday night? Wouldn’t they qualify as “non-essential?” Oh, they couldn’t do that. That would cost them money. As in loss of revenue. As in bad business. As in some people might not know what was going on.

Did the Earth Hour organization turn off its website? Probably not.

Back in the real Dark Ages – before the World Wide Wide – we were taught in school there were three essential “must-haves” to survive: food, clothing and shelter. There was no mention of Google or Microsoft.

I read that cities and governments all over the world did dim their lights during the rolling 8 pm hour.

The Earth Hour is a nice idea but really, why don’t we turn off ALL of our lights at 8 am on a Monday morning. Most of us would be glad to go into work a little later. Maybe catch up on a little sleep…another essential ingredient for good health. And we could easily cope without electric lights during daylight hours. And yes, we could make this an even bigger impact if we turned everything off. Let the hospitals stay on, but everybody else could shut down.

Let’s also get out of our cars and stay put for an hour. How much oil would that save? Wouldn’t that be cool? Close Wal-Mart for an hour. Ground the jets like 9/11 so we could enjoy some additional peace and quiet. All of the world’s TV and radio stations could shut down for an hour.

Imagine the world without white noise. Even if just for an hour. During the daytime. No lawnmowers, either.

In some places this would not be a hardship. But boy us Americans would be screwed.

This would cost business way too much money. We can’t do that.

So instead, let’s just dim the lights on a Saturday night and pretend we are part of the green movement. Like Kermit the frog says, “It not easy being green.”

One Response to “Did You Turn Your Lights Out Saturday Night?”

  1. GibGrl

    Oh, sorry, I didn’t get the memo.

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