Warning: Don’t Mix Tip Jars & Coffee

I think it’s time to outlaw tip jars in coffee shops. Mixing hot coffee and tip jars is causing too much trouble.

Earlier this month, a man was killed when he tried to stop a couple of thieves from stealing less than ten dollars from a Starbucks tip jar in Crestwood, Missouri. When the thief and his accomplice fled the scene, Roger Kreutz chased after them and was run over by their “getaway car.” Kreutz died two days later.

And now Starbucks has gotten into legal hot water after California managers received a portion of monies collected in tip jars. Apparently under California law, managers and supervisors are not allowed to take tips from employees.

I don’t see why every coffee shop “barrista” should be tipped in the first place. Do you tip the clerk at McDonald’s? Do you tip the Krispy Kreme doughnut guy?

And why are tips limited to food service workers? Let’s start tipping librarians when they hand us the books we requested. If your administrative assistant drops a Fed-Ex package off on the way home from work, doesn’t she deserve a tip? Or doesn’t she at least deserve a tip when she brings you and your guests a cup of coffee????

Where do we draw the line in tipping people for doing their job?

Serving you a hot cup of coffee is pretty similar work to mixing up a chocolate shake at McDonald’s. What makes coffee clerks so special?

3 Responses to “Warning: Don’t Mix Tip Jars & Coffee”

  1. megs

    Thank you! FINALLY, someone who shares my opinion on tip jars in coffee shops! I say can the tip jar and bring back the “leave a penny, take a penny” tray – what ever happened to that tray? Did it somehow morph into the dreaded tip jar? Yeesh.

  2. intuitivelyobvious

    I think a lot of people share our opinion…they are just the silent majority. Thanks for your comment.

  3. john

    I tip in restaurants because the waiter/waitress actually had to walk to my table. At least he/she gets the money they earned. With a tip jar, they have to divide it between people.

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