New Theories About Area 51

I saw something about Area 51 and aliens on TV the other day. Area 51 is the top secret government area in Roswell, New Mexico where supposedly real live dead aliens from outer space are stored, preserved, studied, whatever. A UFO was supposed to have crashed in Roswell in the 1947.

Mostly, we KNOW they are hidden from public view. The Area 51 warehouse is off-limits to us mere mortal citizens who want to know THE TRUTH. Here are a few other theories about what might be stored there:

  • The local Chamber of Commerce and Economic Development Council…somebody’s got to give you a reason to visit Roswell and spend a little money.
  • The bodies of Teamster Jimmy Hoffa, hijacker D.B. Cooper and other criminals the government wants to hide from us.
  • A supply of military Meals Ready to Eat stockpiled for the day the aliens return and destroy all of our food supply. (They’re already practicing as evidenced by crop circles and strange cattle branding. People of all food persuasions are threatened.)

I would love to know what you think might be in there. Leave a comment.

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