Are Online Videos Overrated?

Are Online Videos Overrated?Seriously folks, everywhere you look on the web…somebody wants you to watch a video. Local newspapers, radio stations, small businesses, everybody. It seems as if every organization with a website thinks they need a video. Some firms just want to introduce their company, concept, or products.

Every news outlet of any size seems to think we have an endless appetite for viewing videos online. On any topic. Not just those that are enhanced with a visual….see the bridge blow up, or watch the big game play.

Then there are the “how-to” websites regarding everything you can think of. I’d rather skim several written articles looking for information than sit through an online interview and hope I can gleam some information from the video. Now if this same interview is on TV…I’ll wait and listen.

I’m sure these videos aren’t cheap to produce…I’m just wondering who’s watching all of them? Have we reached the saturation point?

Maybe this is a generational thing.

Once in awhile I log onto YouTube and search for some silly videos…something to make me laugh. I’ve looked for Christmas song videos, make-fun-of-George Bush spoofs, and old movie or TV clips. But I only do this maybe one or possibly two times a month. And I might only stay on the site for just a few minutes and move on because I’m bored or don’t feel like looking for more stuff to watch.
It reminds me of sitting in front of the TV clicking the remote trying to find something to watch when nothing is grabbing my attention or matches the mood I’m in. At least on YouTube I don’t have to wait for a bunch of video commercials. (Not yet, anyway.)

On a rare occasion, I’ll decide I need to “watch” an online news story….and 99.9% of the time I’ll give up before the segment even starts because I lose patience waiting for the commercial to play and the desired video to download. I’m a Today Show addict, but if I miss some piece of information or have to leave before a particular story…I’d rather just read the script online than wade through the pain of getting the video to play.

I turn the TV news on every morning and evening and let it play as I get dressed, fix dinner, or clean house. It’s effortless. I’ll even have two TVs with the same channel on in different rooms. When they get to the sports, I might run to the laundry room. If nothing is catching my ear, I’ll switch it off.

I do love going to the internet for true “breaking news”… whether it’s local or national. I’ll check the temperature to decide what coat to wear. I’ll surf through my local newspaper to read the obits or kill time. But for the most part…I’ll ignore/avoid the videos.

Now I do like news slide shows. I don’t view a lot of them on a regular basis…but I like the pictures of the week or disaster sequences.

So tell me, am I in the minority? Are you watching lots of “news” videos online? Am I just an old fuddy duddy stuck in a time warp…or do Generation X, Y, Z….whatever…watch lots of online news and information videos on a regular basis? Or do you confine your video viewing to Super Bowl commercials and entertainment? And here’s your Bonus Question – do you think online video advertisers are getting their money’s worth — or do you think the statistics are misleading?

I’d love to hear about your online video habits…and please include your age. Don’t be afraid to tell me I’m the one who is out-of-step.

3 Responses to “Are Online Videos Overrated?”

  1. The Domestic Goddess

    I can totally relate to this. Online news? I have no patience. I’ll read it, thanks. If it loads slowly and I have to wait a mini second, I’m all, “HECK NO!” and close the window or back up a page. Ugh. Although, I sometimes, once in a while, get a teensy bit into Yootoob.
    I’m 35. Is that bad?

  2. intuitivelyobvious

    I don’t think there’s a “bad” age. I think it is assumed that video is going to be the be-all, end-all for online information…I’m just not so sure. I am just curious if people’s actual viewing behavior regarding online videos is age-related.

  3. GibGrl

    I agree on the “hate to wait for a down load” and the forced commercials are just aggravating. I will, however, wait for the feed if it’s a totally visual story ie a plane just flew into the twin towers or my neighbors house just blew up kinda thing. The videos also do not offer hard facts like written reports usually do; they might say “a majority of those surveyed” instead of “77% of those asked answered blue, 12% answered red and…”. I find the video features glossed. oh yea i’m 46 is that bad?

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