Go Away, Ralph

Ralph Nader is running for president….again. Please, give it up, Ralph.

I used to be a BIG Ralph Nader fan when he was just a consumer advocate. But here he is again, running for the President of the United States…and no, I don’t think the third time will be a charm. Are the Republicans behind this, trying to guarantee another loss for the Democrats?

I don’t even care what Ralph has to say about why he’s running.

Watching Ralph Nader run for president is like watching a has-been try to relive his/her youth.

It’s like this, Ralph. I think you’ve already insured your place in history….many young people will only remember you as the guy who kept running for president. Stick with your consumer work.

It’s about as much fun to watch Nader run for president as it is to see an aging beauty queen parade around in a too-short skirt, a low-cut top, false eyelashes, and a blonde wig after her 60th birthday. Very few women can pull this off well, and I doubt that Ralph can pull off the presidential gig.

Some people remember Bob Dole as an early pitchman for Viagra, forgetting whatever else he did. Did he just need the money? (Thank God we now get to see good-looking older guys dancing and singing Elvis songs on ED drug ads.)

Ralph, you’ve contributed enough to society…you don’t have to keep proving yourself.

So please, Ralph, don’t make another fool of yourself, wasting cash that could be used to fight for the environment and the rights of consumers. Accept your role as a mover and shaker outside of the White House and stay out along the beltway. Leave us voters alone.

8 Responses to “Go Away, Ralph”

  1. Rebecca

    Thanks for the comment.

    As I said, I think you have to respect him for the things he’s accomplished, but I don’t see WHY he’s running. Does he think he has any chance of winning? If so, he’s delusional, and if not, what’s the point?

  2. southernvoice

    Please don’t be flipant about such as inportant issue to our country.

    Do you know that the United States has been changed from a Bretton Woods economic policy to a neoliberal one.

    That means that our government will do whatever is in the interest of big business and will not interfere on behalf of democracy or the American people. That gives us globalization.

    The UN has perdicted that as a result of globalization by 2050 we will have been overwhelmed with immigratants from Africa, Asia and the Middle East. Do you know the ramifications of that?

    Under neoliberal policies the Consitution is tossed aside. Democracy is no more. The moneybags in the Democratic party gave Gore the boot and forced John Kerry off on us. Whether a liberal or neocon got into the White HOuse our middle east policies would be the same. Get it?

    We are bankrupting ourselves in the middle east and spilling our children’s blood. But not for anyone’s democracy or freedom. Not in defense of our country. Under neoliberal economic policy wars are for corporate plunder. We’re fighting for international corporations and all of the oil has been stolen and turned over to them. We just get to pay for it all.

    Moneybags choose the nominees. You don’t. Ralph Nader is our one opportunity to throw off our corporate oppressors and save America.

    Globalization is the new world order. No borders. Outsourced jobs. Loss of American industry.

    Ralph Nader gives us what democrats and republicans are taking away from us.

    C H O I C E

    Choose you this day. And be prepared to pay the consequences for your flippancy. This is no laughing matter. EVERYTHING is at stake here. Nader may not be young and hip like Obama. He is worth more to us than a thousand Obamas. You better figure out what is cool. The country you save may be your own.

  3. Rebecca

    “Whether a liberal or neocon got into the White House our middle east policies would be the same.”

    I couldn’t disagree more.

  4. renaissanceguy

    I think that you have assessed the situation well. Nader’s campaign will only pull votes from the Democratic candidate. Rest assured that his decision is based on personal ambition rather than on any collusion with the Republicans. I must say that I am surprised by it.

  5. GibGrl

    uhm whoa
    ok hey, I like Ralph Nader, he busted Ford with the Pinto deal, watches out for consumers. I have *lots* of consumer issues. You are right, Ralph should quit running for prez, focus on what he does best and keep his place in history as the icon that he kinda already is.

  6. Sandy

    Ralph doesn’t have a chance. Wish he did, but he doesn’t . I heard on the news today that he “took votes away from Al Gore”. What a moronic statement…he didn’t have them to begin with if the vote went to Nader.

  7. intuitivelyobvious

    I too wish Nader had a chance. I think I may have actually voted for him the first time around. But he doesn’t. Sometimes you have to face the facts and get out of the way. As another blogger pointed out, he like 73 years old. Time to give up that Presidential Dream.

    Our country is a mess. I never have and never will vote for a Bush. The war was a BIG mistake.

    Thanks for all of you comments!

  8. tiffanytaylor

    Actually, I don’t even wish he had a chance. Yes, a long while back he was a great guy and an important crusader — but now he’s just an old man who can’t stand to give up the spotlight. Hmmm, kind of like John McCain…

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