Britney Spears vs The Neighbors

I know more about Britney Spears than I do my own neighbors. And the reason is very simple. I’m a news junkie. The first thing I do when I wake up — before I even get out of bed — is reach for the remote and click on the Today Show.

I want to know if something blew up around the world… if some famous person died….do I need a coat? I have successfully managed to block out the Presidential race until last month….serve no news before its time….but I keep hearing things about Britney and her kids, drug problems, relationship with Dr. Phil. I really wasn’t paying much attention…blocking her info out… in fact I’m not even sure why she’s so famous. I had to look up the spelling of her name for this blog. But a friend dressed like her last Halloween. So I guess it’s all your fault, Rozie, that some of this stuff is starting to sink into my brain…and yes, repetition does work eventually. (Advertisers and marketers know this.)

What I do would like to know is as follows:

What’s in my neighbor’s garage? The old guy is about 80 (WWII vet license plate) and yet he and his similar aged wife are out every winter dealing with snow vs. their cars. Not only does he have to shovel the snow, but she’s scraping the car windows. (Teamwork.) Avoiding scraping the car is the one incentive that keeps my garage clear for vehicles. What’s in all those boxes? It looks like there’s just a path to walk through the garage into the house.And why do they park one car in the neighbor’s driveway when it snows? What good does that do? You still have to scrape all the windows. I guess maybe it gives your more room in the double driveway to maneuver the snow blower (when it works) or a shovel.

And why doesn’t that neighbor sell that house? The woman’s been dead over a year now. It looks meticulously maintained on the outside? Are the kids fighting over what to do with it? Waiting for the real estate market to recover?

Why is the kid across the street moving? He just moved in not even a year ago. Did he marry that girl in December? Does somebody have a new job or did somebody lose a job? Was she in the picture when he bought the house, or does she hate it? The last guy fixed it up and then was transferred…according to the old guy mentioned above.

Most important to my life…where did that tree limb come from in my yard? It wasn’t there two hours before it appeared. We didn’t have any wind. It was a nice, pretty day. It’s not even facing my tree like you would expect it to. Is there any correlation between the limb and the young men who were sitting outside last fall in the neighbor’s backyard when it suddenly appeared on my side of the fence? Are the neighbors getting tired of looking at it as it now sits between the two houses? I think of it as natural art. It’s too big for me to break up without a chain saw. I’ll get my brother over here one day. Somebody could steal it if it bothers them. I wouldn’t call the police.

In the meantime, I wish I could see which tree it actually broke off of. Would be nice if I knew more about horticulture….or the neighbors.

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