Blogging Toms & Flashers

Are we becoming a nation of Blogging Toms and Blogging Flashers? Is this a good thing?

Many people blog about very personal issues…baring their troubles to the world. On one hand, this is a good thing…we can all learn from each other and writing can be very therapeutic for the patient.

However, I do worry about people revealing too much when they blog about very personal aspects of their lives under their real names. It’s like you’re shouting to the world. And if you’re blogging about your children’s troubles, is that fair to them? Are you too quick to pigeon hole them in the eyes of society? Are you revealing just a little too much about them…stripping them of their anonyomity before they come of age? What repercussions could lie down the road?

Most bloggers are private citizens….not celebrities. I don’t think politicians — until they have fallen — would blog their troubles in such a public manner.

I guess blogging is just an evolution from the days of Phil Donahue to Oprah, Dr. Phil and Jerry Springer, and Divorce Court. But those shows don’t always use your last name.

Once you broadcast your troubles….whether they be marital, financial, or health related… may not be able to reclaim your privacy should you later decide you want it. In a small town, do you really want to draw additional attention to yourself? Does everyone need to know all of your business? You know people love to talk.

It’s a cold, cruel world out there. It’s also the world of Google. If email never really goes away, what about blogs?

Privacy is not such an old-fashioned value that one should be too quick to discard it.

3 Responses to “Blogging Toms & Flashers”

  1. xen

    That’s the reason why I blog under a pseudonym. Still, I don’t get too personal.

    I remember when I was just a kid. I could walk around without being filmed by a CCTV. I could buy something without anyone giving a sod about why I buy it and what I will use it for.

    The world has changed and we are all suspects now.
    Still people feed the big-brother with their lives so they tell the rest it’s safe to be under surveillance 24/7.

    I have nothing to hide, except what I’m not telling you.

  2. renaissanceguy

    You raise some very important points. I am really concerned about people publishing picutres of themselves and their children and revealing things that the right person could use against them. In addition, as you say, it is not right to say things that could cause your family members or friends embarrassment or hurt.

  3. intuitivelyobvious

    With so many crazy people in this world, who knows when someone is going to take too much offense to something you say.

    Even those photo sites with your family pictures aren’t totally secure. I think some of them you have to make sure you mark them private.

    Thanks for stopping by.

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