Worth Their Weight In Gold

Posted On February 14, 2008

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A few weeks ago Mom told me the apartments she’s been living in were sold. “I think it’s about the money,” she said. Another time she told me she thought the place was “Going D-O-W-N.”

It turns out there’s been a change of on-site managers. There are two married couples that staff the place.  One of my Mom’s favorite descriptive phrases was always “chubby little rascal”  and that’s the phrase that came to mind when I met them. 

Today I spent time with Mom and sat with her awhile during her lunch. Two of the managers were serving coffee. I asked Mom how she liked them so far, and her answer cracked me up. “I think they hire them by size.”

Considering all morning she looked lost — like a deer in a car’s headlights — it was comforting to know that she still has a sense of humor.

These manager are on-call 24/7. I know that there job is no picnic. They help serve meals , fix things, and must have the patience to work with seniors who are not healthy enough to live alone any more.

Grandma, Mom,  her sisters and many of her relatives loved a good dessert as much as anyone. So Mom really should feel at home, and in good hands.

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