Google Rolls Out Kid-Friendly Marketing Plan

As we approach Valentine’s Day, Microsoft is wooing Yahoo! and Yahoo! is playing hard to get.

While those two fight it out, Google is going after more users.

Google is already our favorite search engine. Why? I can only speak for myself. But I love the word. I’ve always liked that word since I first learned it as a kid. (Spelled googol, it means one followed by 100 zeros.)

I like the simple blank page. Not a lot of other crap vying for my attention. I love the artwork they surprise us with on holidays or other obscure dates in history. A sweet little surprise that appears just for the day! “Hey, did you see Google today?”And now…Google has come up with a great marketing campaign disguised as an art contest for school kids.

Doodle 4 Google!!!

Google is rolling out a contest to attract the K to12 set to their search engine….and probably hook them for life. Google has created lesson plans for different grade ranges and the kids are invited to draw a “What if…?” themed design. The top winner will receive a college scholarship. Other prizes include laptops, T-shirts, and grants for computer labs.

Remember those Valentine boxes we made in grade school? We either decorated a shoe box or a brown paper bag to collect the dime store cards from all of our classmates. Our mom’s taught us to send everyone in class a card so no one would feel left out.

There will be Google winners in each state as well as regionally. Nobody’s left out!

Forty regional winning designs will appear on Google for voting by the public.

Imagine the numbers….40 kids telling their average 2.5 parents, plus their 5.6 grandparents, who tell their friends, neighbors, co-workers, strangers at the grocery store. The numbers can potentially googol on forever!!

This is far better than Coke and Pepsi trying to hook your kids on a lifetime consumption of sugar-laden drinks by placing vending machines all over campus. This is truly about education, kids using their imaginations….. and if they learn to love Google in the process…hey, nobody gets hurt. Except maybe Yahoo!

Participate in this contest and you create a memory. A memory associated with a search engine! This is so simple, yet so ingenious. We always remember what we experience better than what we merely read. I love it!! I can’t wait to see what the kids come up with.

Just in time for Valentine’s Day…..Google shows us why the KISS method works so well….Keep It Simple Stupid. It just does.

Happy Valentine’s Day, Google!!

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