Ain’t Nothing But a Hound Dog

But boy, do we love him! Uno the beagle is number one – Best of Show – in the 2008 Westminster Kennel Club Show held at Madison Square Garden.

The calico colored dog beat out a couple of snobby looking poodles and some other wonderful dogs as he won the hearts of the crowd….and he’s now winning the smiles and cheers of the world.

This cute little beagle sure gave those prissy-looking dogs a Ruff! Ruff! time to win the judge’s favor. A real-life Underdog, this mighty beagle is the first to win the top prize in the kennel club’s 132nd competition.

Uno hails from Belleville, Illinois. (The hometown of world class howler and whiner tennis player Jimmy Connors.)

Belleville is just a hop, skip and a bark across the river from the American Kennel Club’s Museum of the Dog in St. Louis, Missouri. The museum is located in the historic 1853 Jarville House in Queeny Park.

It’s a fun place to visit for anyone who loves dogs and appreciates good art. Don’t let the topic fool you…the museum features paintings, sculptures, and the history of man’s best friend in a classy, interesting fashion.

Most of us don’t remember the names or breeds of the various dogs who have won past Kennel Club shows….but I bet we’ll remember Uno the beagle for years to come!

You go, dog!

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