Super February – The New Holiday Season

Did you realize how many holidays we have this February?

First there’s Ground Hog Day… most people don’t get the day off– except maybe some animal rights groups…… but you don’t have to do anything to get ready for it either.

It’s followed by Super Bowl Sunday….the day we worship big bucks being spent by beer companies and corporations who want to make even bigger profits…and the occasional dot-com Wanna-Be-Bigs that can scrape together enough money to pay for the privilege of appearing during The Big Game.

The Super Bowl is also good for Super Markets…. and any company that makes soda, chips, dips, little weenies…you get the idea.

Every four years….we add two holidays. Super Tuesday and Leap Year Day.

The preparation for Super Tuesday actually starts about two years before as all the President-Wanna-Bes start annoying us with their campaign preparations.  Boy, I can’t wait for this celebration of political freedom.

We also have Ash Wednesday……which comes two days before the kick-off of the Church Fish Fry season.

February 14th is Valentine’s Day, a holiday designed to help out our country’s florists, jewelers, restaurants, Hallmark, and chocolate manufacturers.

President’s Day. Another Monday holiday for those who work for banks, schools, government, that sort of thing. Another retail sale opportunity. Do the kids even learn in school which presidents we are honoring?

President’s Day – not to be confused with Super Tuesday — falls on February 18 this year.

Last, but not least, we have Leap Year. Used to be women were supposed to be able to ask men to dance, go out, or to marry them. Since women already do all those things all the time, I think this day is just for those born February 29 so they can eat their cake and ice cream on the actual day they appeared.

Maybe the astronomers and astrologers like this day too as it balances out our calendar in some fashion.

So there you have it….February…HAPPY HOLIDAYS!!!

One Response to “Super February – The New Holiday Season”

  1. GibGrl

    OH Don’t forget Mexico’s Flag Day(Feb 24th according to my calendar). I mean if you want to be Hispanic and all…..

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