Doing the Bread, Milk & Eggs Shuffle

If you live in an area where you get just a little snow here and there during the winter, you know what I’m talking about.A snow storm is predicted and every one runs to the grocery store to stock up on supplies…some of them basics, some of them more “luxury” items like beer, pizza, whatever you suddenly realize you are craving and would hate to be without the next 24 hours or so. Just in case.Turn on the TV and the newscasters are telling you how shovels and salt are flying off the shelves, too.Ok, so, what did these people use to shovel during the last snowstorm? Do they pitch them after each storm? Donate them to Goodwill? Did they forget them outside and couldn’t find them when the last snow melted? Did that many people move from an apartment to a house in the last few weeks? Is someone stealing shovels from unsuspecting homeowners or are these tools lost in the black hole that doubles as a basement, garage or shed? Or is there a new color or style of shovel out that we all need?I rarely participate in the Grocery Store Dash…but since I was already out and low on milk, I ran into my local dingy corner market. The price of milk is lower than the  local chains, it’s in the neighborhood, and I like to give them some business to keep the place open.

The checkout lines were growing long when I got in line with the cashier who must have won the “turtle” award. I told the woman behind me I hoped to get snowed in. She agreed, but the grey haired grandma in front of us said she hoped not.

She said he had a mother in her 90s, a disabled daughter, and a husband who just had surgery and had an upcoming doctor’s appointment and she was responsible for shoveling.

I’m thinking, “Hey, old lady…they’ve been predicting this all week, what took you so long to get to the store?” The snow’s falling and I look around and there are TONS of folks like her who appeared to be in their 70s. Are they so hard of hearing and is there vision so bad they didn’t know about the snow until it started falling a couple hours earlier? I look into their carts (yes, I’m nosy) and I don’t even see the bread, eggs, and milk that grocers tell the TV news are flying off the shelf. Geeeezzz.

I can’t really answer these questions..but if a storm is predicted in your area…my advice is to to stock up on hot chocolate, movies, long underwear and fuzzy socks. Hopefully your job, school, or other annoying activity will be cancelled so you can fully enjoy the experience. Given the right set of circumstances, even shoveling snow can be fun.

One Response to “Doing the Bread, Milk & Eggs Shuffle”

  1. GibGrl

    Yea what is the deal with bad weather and “gotta have food”? My friend is snowbound today but she *had* to order pizza. WTF, just gotta make the poor pizza guy get out in the crud. Gonna be a 2 hour wait. Meanwhile see how many folks make it to the mall since school is out. What baloney, just get over yourselves and let the poor schlubs who *have* to go in and *do* go in get the important stuff done. YEESH. My only satisfaction is that all the no shows had to burn a vacation day, so there!

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