I Want to Be Hispanic

During the last Presidential election, I remember an interview with minority voters who were “undecided” toward the end of the campaign. They said they had been wined and dined by both politcal parties at fancy dinners held a few weeks before the election.

I’m thinking…hey, I’d like some of those free meals, too.

So now it’s time to get serious about my racial switch. Super Tuesday is just a few days away and the telephone is ringing off the hook with calls from Hillary Clinton and other political heavy weights.

I’ve also answered some surveys….so here’s where I  can change my race. I don’t think I can pull off black (African American) as my skin is pretty pale. But let’s say they invite me in for dinner. Just ’cause I have a German last name doesn’t mean my mother wasn’t Maria Garcia or my dad wasn’t Jose Hernandez.

And since these surveys have all been automatic dialers with recorded voices….I can easily change my sex and age, too! Who knows how many people might be living in this little house by the time I get done answering these calls!

The way I see it…there’s still a lot of time to be “undecided”  and to punch numbers in hopes for a free dinner or two come October ’08. Besides, they are calling me…so the odds are already better than the lottery.


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