Nothing to Sneeze About

It’s the cold and flu season…and etiquette “experts” and day care teachers now teach the proper way to cough or sneeze is to use your shoulder/arm….not your hand.

Eh???? I understand the reasoning behind the fact that we all shake hands, touch doorknobs, etc….but I don’t think sleeves — or bare arms in the summer – are the answer. What ever happened to tissues, handkerchiefs…and washing one’s hands.

 Imagine this. You’re in a business meeting around the board room table in the executive suite of a tall skyscraper with a gorgeous view of downtown. (You choose the city.)  You feel a sneeze coming on…or a series of them…so you turn your head and unleash the action into your shoulder. Out flops a big glob of goo…phlem…and it’s hanging on tightly to your sleeve…like a stripe on a general’s shoulder.

 Now all eyes are on your sleeve….at least those that aren’t all grossed out.

So now what do you? Casually wipe it off with YOUR HAND….or pull out the tissue you should have used in the first place? Whether this bugger landed on your blue Armani suit or your silk dress…it’s not a pretty site.

So I conclude that we should ignore this crazy new advice…..and sneeze the old-fashioned way, into your hand.

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